Don’t Let Static Electricity Build Into A Costly Episode This Winter

Static Electricity – Small Shock to You; A Potential Disaster to Your Expensive Electronics

During the winter, static electricity can be more than just an annoyance; in certain circumstances, it can damage costly computer equipment and electronics. Avoiding the annoying shock that static electricity delivers, as well as damage to electronics, is quite possible by adding moisture to the air in your home.

As charges build on surfaces throughout the home, static electricity gives you a zap when you touch one of the surfaces or when you build up a charge as you shuffle across carpeting.

Dry air increases the conditions that cause static electricity, as do cooler temperatures. While this charge is a nuisance, and in a few cases can actually be a little painful, under certain conditions it can put your computer and electronics at risk. Unless your computer is grounded and unplugged, it is susceptible to damage from an electrical charge when you upgrade the hard drive, install a plug-in or upgrade the RAM.

Control Relative Humidity to Reduce Static Electricity

Here are some of the best ways to control relative humidity in your Northern Virginia home, in order to reduce static shocks:

  • Use a whole-house humidifier – A humidifier installed alongside the furnace is an ideal way to control relative humidity in the entire home. As the furnace generates heat and pushes it into the ducts, the humidifier adds water vapor to the airstream. Because a forced-air furnace utilizes ducts to deliver heated air into all rooms via supply registers, a whole-house humidifier ensures comprehensive relief from static electricity.
  • Use water bowls – As a low-cost way to generate some moisture, fill bowls with water and place them around your home. As the water evaporates, it will release water vapor into the air. This is not a comprehensive solution, but it will provide some temporary relief.
  • Simmer water – A faster method of releasing moisture, filling a large pot with water and then simmering it all day long, helps to increase humidity levels to some degree. You’ll need to keep a close eye on the pot, however, to ensure that it doesn’t burn dry. Or you could use a cool mist room humidifier to improve a room’s humidity level without needing to worry about simmering pots or hot steam.
  • Use lotion – Applying lotion to your skin creates a temporary barrier against static electricity.

Homeowners in Northern Virginia interested in learning more about eliminating static electricity, air quality solutions, heating and cooling equipment and maintenance plans should contact the professionals at Modern Mechanical today. Our trained technicians provide superior services and we’d love to help you weigh the options and find the right solution for your home.

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