How The A/C Removes Humidity: Is Yours Doing The Job?

The level of humidity in the air of your Northern Virginia home during the summer plays a key role in your indoor air quality. Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air, so if your air has a high amount of moisture, it likely feels warm and clammy. Your goal should be to keep your home’s humidity under 60 percent, and as low as 50 percent, if possible. You may not always notice moisture problems due to your air conditioner. When the A/C removes heat from the air, as it’s flowing over the indoor evaporator coil, moisture condenses and drains away. However, even with your A/C running overtime in the summer, it’s still possible to have serious moisture issues inside your home. If you want to control moisture throughout our muggy Mid-Atlantic summers, you should consider installing a dehumidification system.

How You Would Benefit from a DehumidifierDehumidifiers can come in two forms: portable and whole-house. While a portable dehumidifier can remove moisture from a room, it does not have the capacity to dehumidify the entire home. On the other hand, a whole-house system can be integrated right into an existing forced-air cooling system. The term “forced air” simply refers to any HVAC system that pushes or forces air through ducts. So, a whole-house dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air that passes through your ducts and sends it away through your plumbing system.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Installing a Dehumidifier:

To Be More Comfortable

It’s next to impossible to be comfortable when the air feels damp, no matter how much you run the A/C.

To Improve Air Quality

Mold and other microorganisms that cause breathing issues and can damage your home, thrive in a warm and moist environment. A dehumidifier controls the moisture level in your home, which helps prevent these spores and germs from proliferating.

To Lower Energy Bills

Running your A/C all the time in the summer gets expensive. Air with less moisture doesn’t feel as warm, which means you can raise your thermostat a few degrees. Secondly, since dehumidification systems can run in your central HVAC system’s “fan-only” mode, you don’t even need to run the A/C to remove moisture! If you wish to learn more about dehumidifying your Northern Virginia home, we’d love to help you weigh the options and find the right solution! One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, a Modern Mechanical company, is a home services specialist with a history of exceptional work and satisfied clients. The company specializes in heating and air conditioning solutions and also provides plumbing and electrical services. Headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning assists residential and commercial customers throughout Northern Virginia with an array of home services needs.

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