Keep Your Ashburn Home Quarantine Comfy With Modern HVAC Systems – Because COVID Or Not, Air Quality Matters

Now that this strange year of 2020 is just weeks away from (finally!) ending and 2021 is on the horizon, we begin to reflect a bit – and one thing we’ve all been reminded of is how vitally important clean air is.

All around us floating in the air are uncountably huge swarms of tiny microscopic particles, invisible things like dust, pollen, bacteria, even viruses. You probably already knew that, and you also know that nearly all of them won’t harm you one little bit. Suspended aerosols such as those have been with us literally forever and are just a natural part of the environment.

At the same time, we’re all only too aware that some harmful things float around too – asthma and allergy irritants like dust mites and pet dander…and disease pathogens like COVID-19.

It’s a fact of reality that this Coronavirus pandemic will be affecting our lives here in Northern Virginia for some time to come. If we know what’s good for us, for our families, for our fellow citizens…we’re just going to have to stay home a while longer yet.

So, you might as well be comfortable. Also, your family should breathe clean, contaminant-free air. That’s exactly what a new HVAC system from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Ashburn VA will provide you this fall, this winter, and as long as these crazy times last: Quarantine Comfort and Healthy Home Air Quality.


November HVAC Savings: Stay Quarantine Comfy… For Less


Because this blogpost discusses the importance of a clean, comfortable home environment during COVID-19 quarantine, it’s the perfect opportunity for One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to announce two (2) new, limited-time special offers for our HVAC customers in Ashburn VA and across Northern Virginia:

1. Any One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Northern Virginia customer who refers a friend who then purchases a new HVAC system from us will receive a $100 Future Services Card. In addition, their friend will receive a $300 discount on their system installation.

2. Any One Hour customer who purchases a Carrier Infinity® advanced heating and cooling system will be given a free water heater at no charge.

Take a moment to check out Carrier’s Infinity® HVAC system. It’s the latest and greatest in smart technology for home air comfort because it eliminates hot and cold spots, moderates your home’s temperature year-round, and saves you money through energy efficiency. Also, you can control it from your phone. But maybe Infinity’s best feature as an HVAC system is what it does for indoor air quality (IAQ). The Infinity system is equipped with an air purifier that inactivates 99% of particular classes of airborne pathogens.

These specials expire at the end of November 2020 – but we’re tremendously excited to be able to offer you these deals now, because we think they have something for everyone:

  • Winter is coming, so choosing November to install a new water heater and new Infinity® climate-control system would be just in time.
  • At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, that $100 Future Services Card goes a long way.
  • How often does anyone offer you a brand new water heater for free?
  • COVID isn’t going away anytime soon. A new air-purifying HVAC unit is a long-term investment in the health of everyone in your home.
  • Pandemic or no, breathing clean air is something all of us should always get to do.

So in addition to getting a free water heater and showing how to save money on a new HVAC system, you’ll be modernizing your home with high-tech temperature and humidity control – plus the kind of clean, breathe-easy IAQ that we’re all looking for nowadays.


A Good Pure Air System Means Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

We’ve blogged about IAQ before. In fact, we have an entire blog category called Indoor Air Quality – that’s how tremendously important the subject is. There’s even a professional association – the IAQA – dedicated to it.

It’s smart to have a high IAQ. Even when a deadly epidemic isn’t raging around the globe, there are a host of superlative reasons to live and breathe in the best possible quality of air.

  • Household air pollutants like dust and smoke commonly trigger reactions of allergies and asthma in children and in people with compromised respiratory or cardiovascular systems.
  • High indoor humidity can lead to mold spores and mildew buildup, which can cause flu-like symptoms.
  • Viruses such as COVID-19 thrive in low-ventilation environments where air isn’t moving and there are plenty of surfaces to stick to.

Having a brand-new or well-maintained HVAC system will keep the air in your home clean and warm. If you’re going to be sheltering in place for lengthy stretches of time, take advantage of the special offers from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to be comfortable and breathe clean.


Make The Healthy Choice. Call Modern Mechanical Ashburn, A.K.A. One Hour Heating & A/C


We’re glad you found this post and we hope we find you and your family healthy and doing well – and we really hope you stay that way when winter rolls around. As your Ashburn neighbor, we encourage you to take all precautions to protect yourself and everyone around you – and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure your home’s HVAC system is running at peak performance.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has been the premier home services company in Loudoun County since we were founded as Modern Mechanical LLC in 2011. We’ve built our reputation on unmatched technical know-how combined with the kind of customer service that comes from truly caring about customers like neighbors – because that’s literally who they are. So we designed these special deals as a way to look out for our clients all around Northern Virginia, from Leesburg to Reston, to help them through these tough times as safely as possible.

Please give a call to the Ashburn VA office of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, a Modern Mechanical company at 571-291-3338. Ask for details about these special November offers, find out more about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and make your next HVAC appointment. Installing a new heating and A/C unit is a great way to keep your family Quarantine Comfy now and forever.

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