Total Home Coverage from the Modern Mechanical Family

November 18, 2016

Total Home Coverage from the Modern Mechanical Family

Allow us to answer a few of your most commonly asked questions as it pertains to our new brands. We are incredibly excited about the enhancements we have added to our company in the last few months and know that our new services only add to the great service and professionalism that you have come to know and expect from the team at Modern Mechanical. A modern company who now provides guaranteed punctual performance in everything we do, across our three new brands.

Q: I’ve used Modern Mechanical to service my home many times, but now I hear you’ve split up into three companies. What’s going on?

A: Actually, Modern Mechanical is still around and is as strong as ever. By acquiring One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Mister Sparky Electrical we have now made Modern Mechanical’s family of services even more complete. We’ve got your home’s systems covered from inside and out.

Q: Why has Modern Mechanical chosen to partner with these national brands?

A: We instantly become part of North America’s largest home-services provider, thereby solidifying the long-term viability of our Loudoun-based firm.

Q: That’s great, but what does it all mean for us, your current customers?

A: Partnering with these new brands means better service and enhanced offerings:

  • We are able to offer cutting edge training for our technicians by having access to the industry’s best training systems.
  • We are now able to purchase supplies from a larger buying group, creating savings that we pass on to you.
  • We now offer 24/7 telephone service (answered by humans!), so you can reach us literally anytime, whenever you need us. And we have the ability to schedule your appointment as quickly as possible to fit your schedule.

Q: Have your warranties and maintenance plans changed?

A: Yes – for the better. By partnering with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Mister Sparky Electrical, we can now offer more attractive guarantees and warranties. We are also implementing a new maintenance/repair plan called the Home Comfort Club™, regularly inspecting your home’s systems every six months. And in the unlikely event there’s ever a dispute, we now have access to UWin®, a dispute-resolution system which can authorize refunds up to 100%.

Q: Do Shawn and Pete still own the company?

A: YES! Shawn Mitchell and Pete Danielson still wholly own Modern Mechanical, and the franchise that has taken on these new brands. The ownership will not change. Our entire great team of service professionals remains intact and ready to serve, just like always.

Q: So it seems like the only changes are greater benefits to the customers.

A: Correct! And we’re still working hard every day to improve our company, providing all of your most important home-service needs with the utmost quality, professionalism and punctuality.

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