Gas-Fired Steam Boilers

Products Energy Efficiency (AFUE)Price
GSB8-E Boiler up to 82.7 $
Solid value and superb heating 

Gas-Fired Water Boilers

ESTAR ICON ENERGY STAR® Product Energy Efficiency (AFUE)Price
ESTAR ICON GWM-IE Boiler up to 95 $$$
Design that’s highly innovative and efficient 
ESTAR ICON GWB9-IH Boiler up to 90 $$$
Engineered for lasting comfort and energy savings 
GWB8-IE Boiler up to 84.4 $$
A reliable way to stay warm and save energy 
GWB8-E Boiler up to 83.9 $
Reliable heating performance season after season 

Oil-Fired Water Boilers

Products Energy Efficiency (AFUE)Price
COWB3 Boiler up to 85.2 $$
Efficient, quiet warmth you can count on